Kensington Leverne and the things that make him Swoon

Kensington is a photographer living in London, working in various areas of photography including fashion, portraiture and landscapes, whilst putting out the odd zine too. We often run into him at London Fashion Week or London Collections: Men, and thought we’d ask him to tell us about what makes him Swoon…

Crystal Palace Park

I live in South London and I love a good run. Crystal Palace Park is the perfect place for jogging and the strange dinosaur sculptures make it much more interesting than other London parks! Crystal Palace Park

Photo-book: Bernhard Fuchs – Woodlands

This is one of my favorite photo books. Even though it’s shot in Austria the images remind me a lot of the woodlands around Oxfordshire where I grew up.

Bernhard Fuchs Woodlands

Blenheim Park and Wychwood Forest

I’m not sure if you can have two places in one. They’re pretty close in terms of geography so I hope it’s allowed… They’re two places that I have spent a great deal of time exploring and differ greatly depending on the season. They’re never over populated and depending on which path you take through the woods you might not meet a single other person for hours.  Ideal if you need some space to think.


Old Town Clothing, Norfolk

I guess I should add some fashion stuff in here somewhere. At the moment I’m a little obsessed with Old Town. They’re based up in Holt, Norfolk, are run by a lovely lady called Miss Willey and create fantastic, heavy-weight-no-nonsense clothing. They’re no secret anymore but you can’t beat the quality if old work clothing is your thing.

Old Town

Ducker & Son, Oxford

Bob makes amazing quality shoes. He created the shoes for the movie Atonement and will make you a pair of Brogues from any material you could ever imagine (within reason!) He once invited me into his Victorian workshop – it was like walking on to a movie set.  The back room contains the lasts of hundreds of famous celebrities, academics and politicians.

Ducker and Son
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