Savage Beauty at the V&A

When I was about 17 I managed to get some work experience with Chapman Burrell as a backstage dresser at London Fashion Week, and have continued to work most seasons.

What was a week long trip to London to shadow Pamela became a good friendship with the family of dressers I am very happy to say I am part of.  The women who work on these shows should all be given a medal in my opinion as they are part of the key cogs to the big LFW wheel and some have been working for 30 years!

During my work experience I had the pleasure (which I never fully appreciated at the time) of working backstage at the AW 2000 Alexander McQueen show ‘Eshu’.  It was held in a derelict building at Kings X and I remember it being quite manic with lots of people trying to set up a backstage area where there was no proper electricity.  Lee was running about dressing models, overseeing hair and make up and was being pulled in all directions.

I am now also privileged to say I have been part of the McQ team at the studio in London for three years now and the opening of Savage Beauty in London warms my heart.  Read here for more details.  You would be mad not to go.

If you’re anything like us then you will have been glued to your instagram or twitter feed today, greedily searching the #savagebeauty hashtag and snatching up the V&A first look images of the exhibition. It look simply amazing, we cannot wait! All images from the stunning V&A instagram feed, check it out here.

savage beauty mcqueen savage beauty savage beauty