John Gosling – Composer to McQueen

Following on from our McQueen hype, thanks to the fantastic Savage Beauty, we look to the man behind the music, John Gosling.

John’s work is synonymous with McQueen – so much so that for AnOther magazines McQueen special this year, they enlisted Gosling to create the soundtrack. In a ode to McQueen, the special edition US magazine featured an LCD screen cover playing a video of archive pieces worn by Rihanna, and viewers/readers were met with Goslings soundscape when they pressed play. Pretty epic.

John worked as musical director to McQueen for over 15 years. The strong thematic tone to McQueens shows made it clear what direction to take the music, Gosling says – “It was almost as if you were given a script.” (Opening Ceremony)

For the Savage Beauty exhibit music in each of the galleries was composed by Gosling especially for the show. It’s just another way that the show is truly a representation of everything the McQueen was under Lee’s reign.

“Although some shows took a really long time to piece together, it was always a pleasure working with McQueen’s vision. It was always very inspiring.”

Read more of this interview with John here, and see the clip for the AnOther Magazines very special edition below.