Buy British Day!

On the 3rd October, it’s Buy British Day up and down the country. The initiative is one close to our hearts, and is supporting the very latest wave of British designers, businesses and craftsman to take centre stage.

Although the accolade of Made in Britain has long been seen as a badge of quality overseas, unfortunately it holds less esteem closer to home. Buy British Day has been launched to try and shift this belief, and to introduce new British made designers and brands to a wider audience.

This initiative has been set up by the team at Best of Britannia, the UK’s biggest “pop up department store”, with over 200 British-made brands represented and available for purchase. They also have an online hub of information and shop, supporting British made brands.

The BOB (Best of Britannia) team say, “The provenance of what we buy is increasingly important to the UK as well as to the international consumer. When attending BoB, the quality of each item produced is clear, whether it has been created lovingly by hand or in the oldest running factory in the world.”

A lot of the brands that are involved with the initiative have fascinating stories to tell on how they came to be, how they got where they are today, and what drives them as a brand to be Made In Britain. Cheaney shoes is a great example of this; Cheaneys have be designing and making beautiful and entirely British made shoes from their Northamptonshire factory for over a 100 years, through 5 generations of family. They can recall their history back through the last century in wonderful detail, from business growth, strength during the wars, right down to anecdotes about staff in the early 20th century. It’s a company with real heart, and really good, beautiful, British made shoes!

For the South, Buy British Day itself will centre around a pop up of BOB brands taking part in Waynes Hemmingway’s The Classic Car Boot Sale, near Kings Cross St Pancreas, and for the North, head to Preston Shopping centre for the pop up of BOB brands. And wherever you are on October 3rd, we challenge you to only buy British! See more info on the website here.


Cheaney Shoes


Beluah – a Best of Britannia brand


Chapman – a Best of Britannia Brand


Hetty Rose – a Best of Britannia Brand


Parris Wakefield – a Best of Britannia brand