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Berlin Fashion Week – Tradeshow City

Last week saw an industry descend upon Berlin as a week of fashion and tradeshows takes over Germanys’ capital.

Berlin fashion week is renown as one of the busiest industry events of the calendar, combining catwalk fashion with some of the biggest wholesale tradeshows in Europe. Bread and Butter, Show and Order, Premium, Bright and Seek, and some off the beaten track events too, and true to Berlin form, lots of parties. We took a peek at some of the best lifestyle and fashion tradeshows and what Berlin had to offer.
The stars of Show and Order were the polish exhibitors, in the 3rd floor. Interesting architectural shapes and high quality textures reigned here.
show and order
show and order
Seek revealed some of the best in men’s luxury basics, but hardly any women’s wear. There were a few stand out brands, including our favourite illustrative fashion purveyors, Lazy Oaf.
seek tradeshow
Bright is the coolest of the shows, full of skate and streetwear brands – endless caps and sneakers, and the tell tale sounds of skate wheels on concrete.
bright tradeshow bright tradeshow

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Dream Interiors by House of Hackney

House of Hackney – to die for interiors. Anyone with a Pinterest account knows that dreaming over luxury interiors is a viable pastime nowadays. The perfect claw footed tub, shabby-chic wooden room dividers, single flower stems lovingly arranged…. It’s far too easy to lose hours obsessively collecting images of your dream home, and if you know what I’m talking about, then you will definitely know of the amazing House of Hackney.

An interior design company turned fashion label of sorts, House of Hackney produces the most covetable interior design pieces out there, and creates the most beautiful still life images to show of their products. We dream in these wallpapers. Founded in London in 2010 by husband- and -wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley, this truly is a proud London business, with flagships in Shoreditch and Libertys, and most bits made/sourced in the UK.

Feast your eyes on these, and find more deliciousness over on the website here.

house of hackney 2 house of hackney house of hackney Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 11.28.41 house of hackney x

All images from the House of Hackney website and Instagam.

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The Fashion Illustrations of Sue Bailey

We had the pleasure of meeting artist Sue Bailey whilst working backstage at London Fashion Week, many years ago. Sue is one of the Pamela Chapman’s closest friends, and worked with the team backstage for years on countless shows – you could always spot Sue, in the sea of boring black dresses, wearing a bright hand painted garment. She has since retired from this seasonal joy, and is spending time instead focussing on her beautiful paintings and illustrations.

Sue’s work spans landscapes, fashion illustrations, portraits, floral arrangements and even some prints designed for cards and wrapping paper. Her diverse subject matter is often rendered in vivid and rich tones, full of texture and expression. Some of our favourites are her fashion illustration, created in situ in the buzzing backstage environment. You can see more of Sue’s work here on her website.

DSCF1046 DSCF1047 DSCF1048 DSCF1049 DSCF1054 DSCF1055

All illustrations by Sue Bailey

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Virginie Khateeb’s Stunning Photography

We came across photographer Virginie Khateeb via the McQ Instagram account, during her takeover for #McQHosts. We fell in love with these atmospheric, epic images from her Deconstruction series, shot in the marble quarries of Carrara. Her images show the thick, sharp lines and deep contrasts of the stone and are beautiful, yet we are aware these quarries have devastated and ‘gutted’ the landscape, which is a fascinating juxtaposition. You can see more of her work here, and check out the McQ instagram for other outstanding and inspiring hosts.
virginie khateeb F1000021_800 virginie khateeb F1000027-copy_800 virginie khateeb
All images Virginie Khateeb.

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Obsessed with Grace and Thorn

I first came across Grace and Thorn by way of the ever beautiful Mercantile London, who at one time sold some beautiful cement-potted succulents, that needless to say were divine. Ever since I have shamelessly stalked their blog and Instagram and dreamed in flora and fauna.

Grace and Thorn is the brainchild of Nik Southern, who dreamed of bringing the wild, rustic English countryside into our dreary capital. Her whimsical and romantic arrangements combined with her witty bright social media presence make Grace and Thorn a hit, and they have some prestigious clients under her belt – including JW Anderson, Christopher Kane, House of Holland, Whistles, Topman, ASOS, GQ, Diesel, Markus Lupfur, French Connection and LK Bennett.

Check out her Instagram here and you’ll be crying out for a succulent or six, here are a few of our favourites pics:

0c2c81ba1a95add7c9acf3a18382c23d_large 64c4d4d8dc6a93e9fc0611932e11c877 0426544ca7296247db98c6f0a6ebcd4e   Animal_Heads_920_X_600_1024x1024 Dinosaurs_920_X_600_1024x1024

grace and thorn grace and thorn


All pictures Grace and Thorn via Instagram

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National Stationery Week!

Stylist magazine alerted us to the fact that it’s National Stationery Week, and we couldn’t let that pass without mentioning a few of our favourite stationery bits and bobs!

Rifle Paper Rosalie notepad

national stationery week

Rifle Paper Vintage Blossoms notebooks


Rifle Paper Gold Foil Notebooks


Hay Wooden Rulers

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 19.35.13

Hay Spine Notepads

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 19.34.42

Hay Triangle Ruler

Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 19.36.46

Present and Corrects Mini Clipboard


Present and Corrects Max Number Stamp


Present and Correct strips of clips

national stationery week


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Jill Brown at King Tut’s!

We often mention Susie’s sister Jill on here, not only because we are so proud of her musical talent, but also for her unorthodox methods of getting her music out there – such as her tour of playing prisons!

This time round our amazing news is that Jill has been invited to play at King Tut’s in Glasgow and we are thrilled for her. This is a big deal as it is a renowned venue for which you have to be invited to play, and it’s where Oasis were ‘found’!

The gig is on the 30th May, and there’s already been some great press about it. Check out Jill’s music here on her website!


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UK Manufacturing – the report is in!

For about a year now I have been on the Steering Group at the British Fashion Council to assist putting together a report on UK manufacturing.

Following the amazing response of the Lord Alliance project securing funds for our manufacturers, we have now launched our report!!

I am so excited and privileged to share this link with you and there will be a lot more to come!



There has been some great coverage of this in the press too, thanks to the financial times and WWD, links and excerpts below.

“UK fashion tipped to create thousands of jobs ”

“Demand for designer fashion made in the UK has the potential to grow rapidly in the next few years and create thousands of jobs, according to the British Fashion Council.

About 8,750 people were employed at 137 companies making clothes and accessories for the designers who show at London Fashion Week and London Collections Men in 2013. The companies had sales of £1.76bn and contributed £732m to the UK economy, research by Oxford Economics for the British Fashion Council has shown.

But the study found that, with the right support, sales could increase by £406m by 2018, supporting a further 1,700 jobs, and contributing another £169m to the UK economy.”

“Industry Puts U.K. Manufacturing Under the Spotlight”

“SENDING OUT AN SOS: British high-end clothing manufacturers need a boost – at home and abroad – or the industry will continue to decline, according to a new report commissioned by the British Fashion Council, Marks & Spencer and government-funded industry organizations.

The report suggests a 65 percent increase in demand for British-made, high-end product over the next five years that would deliver an additional turnover of more than 400 million pounds, or $603 million at current exchange, and support an additional 1,700 jobs.

It also highlights the need for manufacturing benchmarking and the potential “halo effect” that high-profile, high-end British clothing manufacturers could have on the sector as a whole.”

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Oxfam Bling and Buy

Accessorise to save lives!

We came across Oxfams Big Bling and Buy Sale campaign via Twitter, and the infectious blend of spreading awareness, raising pennies and the potential to shop was just too much to ignore…

The concept is simple; donate your unwanted accessories to a Oxfam store, and in their words you can harness “the power to transform your outfit – and transform the lives of people living in poverty”. Sounds good to us! The Big Bling And Buy is Oxfams biggest ever donation drive purely for accessories, and they have a great infographic on their website here that shows what good the money can do too, so get involved, and perpetuate the good giving and give it a mention over social media! #blingandbuy

We’ve seen celebrities get involved, from presenter George Lamb to fashion heavy weight and all round lovely person Hilary Alexander.

And there seems to be some amazing finds available too – in just a quick scroll through Twitter we saw a classic pillar box red Chanel bag, and some covetable velvet Prada heels! A good cause and good style… Yes please!

Off to rummage through our forgotten shoes!

bling and buy oxfam bling and buy 2 oxfam bling and buy 3 bling and buy

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Hannah Altman and her Glitter Bomb Photography

Hannah Altman is challenging the prescribed ‘cuteness’ of females today with her provocative glitter covered photography series ‘And Everything Nice’.

hannah altman 2

Hannah uses bold coloured glitter to illustrate body fluid taboos – in the place of blood or tears, prettying-up gritty images to challenge the pressure on the ladies to always be cute.

Hannah explains And Everything Nice as “an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The ongoing series consists of women in states of affliction; the body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of the actual situation.”

We first saw her images via i-D magazine, where there’s a short interview that you can read here.

Hannah’s website is here, with more of her beautiful photography projects.

glitter bomb hannah altman hannah altman glitter 2 hannah altman glitter hannah altman


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Barbie goes back to the 60’s…

A love for 8mm film cameras and vintage dress led to David Parise’s flawless pictures of Barbies in their original 60’s outfits. A simple idea of posing Barbie and Ken to the backdrop of Miami beach found popularity and led to exhibitions across America!

As David says – “My art is fun, with no serious statement, it might make you smile, sometimes laugh and hopefully hits a nostalgic chord in you.”

You can see more of his work over at his website here.

We love their 60’s style and carefree attitude… So dreaming of summer now…

barbie barbie and ken barbie ken



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Savage Beauty at the V&A

When I was about 17 I managed to get some work experience with Chapman Burrell as a backstage dresser at London Fashion Week, and have continued to work most seasons.

What was a week long trip to London to shadow Pamela became a good friendship with the family of dressers I am very happy to say I am part of.  The women who work on these shows should all be given a medal in my opinion as they are part of the key cogs to the big LFW wheel and some have been working for 30 years!

During my work experience I had the pleasure (which I never fully appreciated at the time) of working backstage at the AW 2000 Alexander McQueen show ‘Eshu’.  It was held in a derelict building at Kings X and I remember it being quite manic with lots of people trying to set up a backstage area where there was no proper electricity.  Lee was running about dressing models, overseeing hair and make up and was being pulled in all directions.

I am now also privileged to say I have been part of the McQ team at the studio in London for three years now and the opening of Savage Beauty in London warms my heart.  Read here for more details.  You would be mad not to go.

If you’re anything like us then you will have been glued to your instagram or twitter feed today, greedily searching the #savagebeauty hashtag and snatching up the V&A first look images of the exhibition. It look simply amazing, we cannot wait! All images from the stunning V&A instagram feed, check it out here.

savage beauty mcqueen savage beauty savage beauty

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